Free yourself from emotional pain without reliving the past so you can BE the highest versions of yourself

Time, energy, fulfillment, and hope are all things you want more of. But you’re spread way too thin, caught in the go-go-go wishing you could hit the pause button for a few minutes.

Life experiences have left you feeling inadequate, hurt, guilty, and fearful.

You’re exhausted, unfulfilled, and clinging desperately to that last spark of hope for a better future.

Life is so grueling, you even feel it physically. It might be insomnia. Migraines. PMS or menstrual irregularities. Infertility. Bowel problems. Chronic pain. (To name a few.)

You’ve been searching far and wide for answers. Yet you’re not seeing the results you desperately yearn for.

It’s because traditional medicine only treats your physical body and brain chemistry. It identifies symptoms and recites objective findings. As a Physician Assistant, I see this firsthand.

But I know you are so much more than a physical body.

We are all infinite beings of LOVE and LIGHT; souls with a mind and body. All three parts of you need support and nourishment!

When all three parts are healthy and in harmony, you live in balance. Your body’s natural ability to heal amplifies. And you find the clarity of purpose you’ve been yearning for.

“We are all infinite beings of love and light; souls with a mind and body. All three parts of you need support and nourishment!”

“She is an Earth Angel.”

Melissa is a world-class contemporary healer who delivers her grace with warm authentic energetic

wisdom and intuition, combined with her knowledge of modern cutting-edge medicine, along with

years of integrative health experience. She is an Earth Angel…a life-enhancing gift to those of us

blessed to have crossed her path!


“Working with Melissa is a gift.”

Melissa sees you. The beauty of working with her is that her objectivity and genuine nature are reassuring-

reinforcing the impact of her guiding words, loving discernment, spiritual and human connection, and healing

mentorship. She articulates her messages with passion and authenticity. It’s evident that her life experiences, both

personal and professional, have brought her to a sincere space of knowing, understanding, and helping others.

Melissa has been both a teacher and collaborator with my own healing business. She has illuminated my path,

encouraging and empowering me with her insight and wisdom beyond measure. I always feel clear and energetic after a session with her.

Prepare to explore and be elevated. Working with Melissa is a gift.

~DME, Idaho