“She is an Earth Angel.”

Melissa is a world-class contemporary healer who delivers her grace with warm authentic energetic
wisdom and intuition, combined with her knowledge of modern cutting-edge medicine, along with
years of integrative health experience. She is an Earth Angel…a life-enhancing gift to those of us
blessed to have crossed her path!

“I am new to the concept of energy healing…”

I feel truly feel blessed and lucky to have Melissa in my life. I am new to the concept of energy healing and am learning so much.
Melissa, has taught me how to connect with who I am at the core which has helped me take the control back over my life. I am an empathic person and it was hard to figure out what emotions were mine versus someone else. After the healing, I felt whole again and grounded to Mother Earth. I was so grateful, I even had some very strong emotional feelings come over me confirming I was in the right place. When I feel agitated over something now, I use the techniques Melissa has given me that help me shift the energy flow and she has given me that power. My gratitude to you, Melissa, is without my ability to express.

~Amy H.

“Working with Melissa is a gift.”

Melissa sees you. The beauty of working with her is that her objectivity and genuine nature are reassuring reinforcing the impact of her guiding words, loving discernment, spiritual and human connection, and healing mentorship. She articulates her messages with passion and authenticity. It’s evident that her life experiences, both personal and professional, have brought her to a sincere space of knowing, understanding, and helping others.

Melissa has been both a teacher and collaborator with my own healing business. She has illuminated my path, encouraging and empowering me with her insight and wisdom beyond measure. I always feel clear and energetic after a session with her. Prepare to explore and be elevated. Working with Melissa is a gift.

~DME, Idaho

“I felt such lightness, joy, peace…”

My first distance session with Melissa was my first foray into energy medicine. We began working together at the beginning of my second embryo transfer cycle (via IVF). I was anxious, stressed and overwhelmed going into my first meeting with Melissa. During that meeting, she helped prepare me for an uncomfortable procedure the following day that was a step in the preparation process for the embryo transfer. The next day, the procedure went well and was less painful than expected, but the real eye-opener was my drive home from the doctor’s office. I felt such lightness, joy, peace and overriding happiness about the upcoming process. The changes I felt were immense and exciting.

I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone going through the fertility journey or anyone dealing with anxiety and stress.

~Brooke G, Washington

“I feel like I am finally my true self.”

I feel so blessed to have met Melissa. I was having a very difficult time in my life and I knew I needed to do something to get back to the person I knew I was. I went to Melissa for an energy clearing. I have never done anything like that before and I was a little nervous and anxious, but I felt drawn to her. She radiates positive energy and her light is infectious. She is genuinely kind, honest, and compassionate. She is comforting to talk with and her words are meaningful and heart felt. Her power and her gift are undeniable and authentic. SHE is a gift.

I have felt an amazing shift within myself and my spirit since meeting with her. I feel like I am finally my true self. Melissa has changed my life. She is amazing and her devotion to healing and helping others is sincere and genuine.

~Liz L.

“Melissa has changed my life.”

Not to sound cliché but working with Melissa has changed my life. Melissa has amazing, unearthly talents that she so graciously shares with the world. Most of our sessions were virtual and the connection was very authentic. Melissa is super easy to work with and can really see you for you. A good friend introduced and recommended me to Melissa, so let me be that friend to you! Melissa is truly incredible!

~Carri J, Alaska

“She helped me find the inner strength….”

Before I started Melissa’s program, I was feeling stuck in a job I no longer loved. She helped me find some strategies to cope with working there, but also helped me find the inner strength to eventually leave for a new job that I love!

~Kristina H, Idaho

“My heart has been lighter….”

Working with Melissa has equipped me to remove bad and unhealthy memories. As we walked through the negative experience together she was able to speak forgiveness, love and light into the negative memory and virtually make it disappear. My heart has been lighter and my memories of my youth are better now that I’ve worked with her. I recommend her for anyone who has not found a path to overcoming trauma from the past.

~Marlene R, Idaho

“She is an absolute gem….”

I got to spend some in person time with Melissa earlier this month at a retreat where she was speaking. Her words and her concepts helped me so much. I recently lost a child at 18 weeks gestation, was induced to deliver, and overall it was extremely traumatic. Melissa helped me to view my experience from different angles and helped me to feel more at peace about my ordeal. She is an absolute gem and I highly recommend her.

~Brittany B, Canada

“She truly led me back to my light.…”

I was experiencing so much turmoil in my life, I didn’t want to be in this life anymore. I didn’t understand that half of what I was feeling WASN’T EVEN MY ENERGY! Melissa taught me how to protect my energy, connect with my higher self and my light team, and she brought me peace and confirmation of the messages I had been receiving. She showed me the way back to my own divine gifts. I cannot recommend Melissa highly enough. She truly led me back to my light and helped me find my joy again.

~ Jessica T, Idaho

~Natasha H.

~Andrea D.